Mail-in Form (Optional)

HOW DO I REGISTER?   (This form covers the Saturday night dinner only.  Friday night events are optional and pay-as-you-go.)


Complete this page and return it to, text it to 501-993-6162, or mail with check to:


DeWitt Class of ’68 Reunion

c/o Becky Eden

P.O. Box 6807

Sherwood, AR 72124


My name is (please print):  ____________________________________________________________


                 _______   I will attend                                                           $      40.00 (for me)


                 _______   I will bring a guest                                                $      20.00 (for my guest)


Name of guest:  _____________________________________________________________________


                                                                                 Total:                     $   __________


_______   My check is enclosed (payable to “DeWitt Class of ’68 Reunion)


_______   Charge my Visa ______   MasterCard ______   American Express ______


Card #____________________________________________________   Expires:  _______________


Name as it appears on card (please print):  ______________________________________________


Card billing address (street/city/state/zip:  ______________________________________________


___________________________________   I will text you for the code on the back, if necessary          


***A credit card processing fee will be added to all credit card payments.  Your card will be processed

through the reunion website at   If you prefer, you can make the credit card

payment by going directly to the website and click on the REGISTER HERE tab in the left-hand column.  Please take the time to fill out your profile while you are there!




My email address is:  ______________________________ Cell phone:  _______________________


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Yes!  Call on me to help with:     ________ Decorating      ________ Cleanup


INCIDENTALS:    ________ Yes, I will bring photos for the memory table.  


ACCOMMODATIONS?    I do______   do not ______ need information on overnight accommodations


I ALSO PLAN TO ATTEND FRIDAY NIGHT   _________ Bull Pen    ________   DeWitt vs. Hamburg game